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Awareness of self-contradiction is the core of Silex's wisdom. It is evident in "Distances,レイバン メガネ," where the personal and the socio-political are synthesized in a portrayal of his "full Indian" grandfather and his "Castilian" grandmother, Recalling that "as a child I thought my grandfather was a god/who walked out each dawn and pulled the sun up/by the songstrings of birds who sang to his presence,セリーヌ 店舗," he also remembers his grandmother's Catholic prayers and attempts "to whip the stubborn Indian/out of us." Remembrance turns to amazement "at how this world marries the impossible,セリーヌ バッグ," turns to "awe at how that word please/eventually frees the souls it tries/ to destroy with its slavery." Of the overtly political poems, the most effective one derives from a Washington Post article about a Palestinian maimed and killed,chanel 財布, presumably by Israeli soldiers,CELINE 財布.

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